Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 11 - The Young Recruit

          A voice appeared from the speakers above but the Sargent couldn't make out the message as her ears were long since numbed. She was about to get up and ask what the message was when the plane's nose tilted downward. They were on their approach to the military landing strip in Frontier. She let out a long sigh trying to relieve the fluttering of butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Her nerves and stomach didn't change after the deep breath and she knew the upcoming conversation was going to be hard if not impossible but it had to be done.

          The front door was exactly how she remembered it and she hesitated for just a moment before knocking. The Major was standing behind her waiting for the Sargent to get things moving as they where on a strict time line. The Sargent knocked firmly on the frail wooden door and she could hear scuffling feet almost immediately coming towards them. Another silent deep breath out and the door swung open. A mid-aged lady opened the door and her expression went from wonder to surprise and settled on joy. "My baby girl is back!" She reached out to give her a hug and then she realized there was an unknown man standing directly behind her. She halted her embrace and stepped back from the door noticing the rank on the man as a Major. This turned her joy and excitement to concern.

          The Major strolled through the house looking at all the pictures and cracked a smile or two as he looked upon a young Sargent. "So you have one Sister stationed at Torment and younger brothers. One is due to join the Defenders in the fall and the other is a tad younger." The Sargent and her mother sat close to one another on the unconformable couch in the living area. Her mother looked into her Daughters eyes silently asking why there were here. And why did the Major want the boys home before discussing the visit? The Sargent gave a very slight head movement from left to right and she understood it wouldn't be good. The silence in the room was thick with anticipation and the arrival of the boys seemed to take a long time. The Major turned his attention from the family photo on the wall towards the front door. "Ahhh... They are home."

          I am standing next to the Major and looking upon my family. My parents and two brothers sit uncomfortably jammed on the couch with shocked faces. The Major just finished his discussion with the family that my youngest brother George was needed immediately as a Trajectory Engineer in the Oil Fields. He would have the rank of Corporal and would forgo the Infantry training. George would be doing advanced training with me and a Weapon's Specialist in the field or as my Father calls on the job training.

          The plane was waiting for us and departed as soon as we boarded. George sat next to me with his feet propped up on his duffel bag. He grabbed my hand as we took flight and I told him everything would be fine and I wouldn't let anything bad happen to him. I diverted my gaze away from my brother and thought about our next stop to the Northern Tip UCCS to pick up our Weapons Specialist. I looked back at George and he had fallen asleep. It was a great idea and soon I nodded off.