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What is a Web Novel?

I was writing a short story on 5-6-2016 and it dawned on me that I should write a web novel. I made it up in my head and then searched Google to find a whole bunch of people write novels online. It seemed like most charged something to read and I thought why not publish them for free. Add in a few more web novels of different genres and write a chapter a week. I quickly thought through the math and realized that I would revise my posting to one chapter a week. The readers could follow along to a published schedule as to what story had a new chapter coming. It kind of reminded me of getting comic books in the mail each month minus the pictures. I would get so excited waiting for the next issue to show up to find out what happened to the super hero. So I invite you in to read at your leisure and give me your thoughts. Take care and happy reading

What is Unknown Sci-Fi?

This web novel is about the aftermath of a global terror attack that reigns down death and destruction to the human inhabitants. The intent was to leave the wildlife as it was like a clean bomb would do. However the plan went wrong when the DARPA created serum caused unwanted outcomes. You know what happens to the humans, but what about the rabbits?

What's New?

1-31-17 - Chapter 11 has been released!! Check it out and provide feedback or send us a like via Facebook or Twitter below.

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