Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 10 - Sargent

          The bright lights of the classroom were a beacon so early in the morning for the Infantry. The instructor was writing on the board and had her back to them. She finished her chalk writing and turned. "Morning Infantry." They responded with conviction. "Sargent!" The Sargent pointed to the blackboard behind her while maintaining a steady dose of eye contact. "Our topic of the day is best practices for obtaining intelligence while on the ground in the Open Plains. Who can tell me a best practice?" A younger recruit sitting midway in the pack spoke. "Ma'am.... Patience." The Sargent looked at the recruit and didn't immediately respond as she was chewing on her response. "That is correct and very valuable practice recruit." The Sargent further chewed on her thoughts before continuing. "Recruit, I am not a Ma'am. I am a Sargent. You will respond to me as Sargent or Sargent Shorack."

          Sargent Shorack finished grading the tests and seemed satisfied with the results. She leaned back in her chair and sipped slowly on her drink which gave her a facial grimace with each taste. The Sargent mumbled something about low grade cleaning solution and the certain incompetence of a Private's brewing ability. Quality alcohol wasn't illegal but very hard to obtain and expensive due to the brewing facilities residing over the pond. As she was reclined and enjoying the literal cleansing of her esophagus a voice from the doorway made her sit up violently. Her environmentally unsafe drink went out of the glass covering her uniform and recently graded tests. The Sargent's anger boiled as she got to her feet and prepared to rip a Recruit. The choice words nearly escaped her mouth and then she saw who it was. "Major Gram." She suppressed her anger and stood at attention. Major Gram looked at her with a smirk across his face. "I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow." "I caught an earlier transport as I heard snow was moving in this evening and I didn't want to be stranded here. It's vitally important that we get to Frontier by early tomorrow morning. The need for a Trajectory Engineer in the Oil Fields is top priority." The Sargent shook her head in agreement even though she was not happy with the choice to fill the position. "Get your gear together Sargent. We leave at 1900 hours."

          The roaring engines of the sparsely populated plane numbed the Sargent's ears after about an hour of flight. Her thoughts took over her conscience. She was excited to see her family as she had been gone from Frontier for some time. She had completed the Infantry training with the second highest score in Torment history behind her sister. She had beat her at everything up until she graduated the Ground Intelligence course and was promoted to an instructor. She was a natural at the work but felt that the Defenders were holding her back so she couldn't advance further in her Overseer's training. That was until she received a message from Major Gram the day prior. She had been given a new assignment as Species Specialist. The Sargent would join a Trajectory Engineer and weapons specialist for assignment in the Oil Fields.