Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 1 - The Classroom

          The heat was stifling in the classroom if that's what you would call it. Perhaps it should have been called a bombed out office with no air conditioning and barely enough broken chairs to sit in the room. Four kids gathered around watching an older woman with abnormally long straight hair write on a chalk board. The kids were of various sizes and extremely interested in watching the chalk scratch across the board. Eric was really crouched over a pointed end of a chair leg rather than sitting. He was in a perfect position that just warranted another of the kids pushing him onto it. Thankfully the others were just as captivated by the teacher and her riveting chalk noise. Eric was only 15 and one of the most energetic filled beings around. He was constantly getting into trouble and typically a menace to his long haired teacher. His concentration was momentarily interrupted as the teachers nails lightly scratched across the board and sent out an ear piercing noise. A chill ran straight up his spine and gave him goose bumps across his forearms.

          An audible noise came out of the mouth of George who was the younger brother of Seth at only 9 years old. He was much slower than Seth and his face had a slight droop to it like a stroke victim. This was not the case as George had a Great, Great Grandparent that was part sloth. There was a recessive sloth gene that would appear in every other generation causing George's abnormalities. True to form his father was spared but it did impact George. Normally the gene would produce extreme deformities to the face and torso. These debilitating deformities would normally cause issues with speaking giving the perception of a slow minded kid. However George was far from slow minded as he was a genius at most everything except for activities that required agility and quickness. His deformities impacted both of his knees causing a severe limp and limited mobility. Most kids and some of the teachers referred to him as super sloth. He despised the name for some time but eventually got used to it because he couldn't chase down the kids that made fun of him. George didn't realize at the time that his brilliant mind would be more powerful than strength, speed and agility.

          The long haired teacher turned to the kids to emphasize a point she was trying to make. Her face was not soft and warm like most teachers but instead was filled with quills. She in fact was more porcupine than human as her father was half human and half racoon. Her mother was said to have been pure porcupine but most thought that was impossible or unlikely to have occurred in this part of the United Clusters of City States (UCCS). Those kinds of things would normally happen in the rural mountainous regions not governed by the UCCS. Her name was Miss Proose but we all referred to her as Miss Prickly. This was not a name that she liked and we didn't say it to her face due to the Prickly incident some years back. I will save that story for a future conversation but let's just say she let loose of her face quills and it wasn't pretty.