Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 4 - Twin 2

          Heather knew all to well what it was like to be the baby twin by eight minutes. She had heard it over and over again from Erin as she ran past her into some confrontation or another. Since she was always put in a support role her abilities for planning and strategy grew. Her vantage points of the confrontations allowed her a better perspective of the battle field. Heather's voice became stronger as they got older because she was always yellowing out the latest intel so Erin could better adjust and succeed over her opponents.

          When she turned sixteen she was recruited by the Defenders along with her sister. As she thought would happen Erin immediately volunteered for the infantry and we know how that turned out. She, on the other hand, wanted to be part of the Defenders most elite team called the Overseer's. Most of the recruits didn't even consider this challenge as the candidate would have to graduate from each of the ten branches in the top five percent. Heather was not phased by this and readily volunteered her commitment to the intake recruiter upon arriving. The intake recruiter would have laughed at any other recruit but she saw Heather's determination and grabbed a piece of paper. She wrote down a list of the Defender's Branches and slid it over to her.

  1. Infantry
  2. Ground Intelligence
  3. Sea
  4. Sky
  5. Weapons Specialist
  6. Species Specialist
  7. Command
  8. Espionage
  9. Diplomacy
  10. Master

          The intake recruiter circled Infantry. "Heather, I can tell your serious with your request of becoming an Overseer. You have a long journey in front of you and as you may already know you must complete the first nine Branches starting with Infantry." The intake recruiter taps her pen on the circled word. "Once you complete Infantry you can deviate the order of the other eight Branches. Note that you need to graduate each Branch in the top five percent or you will not be eligible for appointment into the Master Branch. The Master Branch will sharpen and hone you into a candidate for the Overseer's. Noting that if you graduate from the Master Branch at the top of the class you can still be turned down for admittance into the Overseer training. The Overseer's committee don't judge the potential candidates on grades only. There have been many times when a candidate is turned down for minor things." Heather's face frowns for just a moment at the notion she could be turned down for something trivial. The intake recruiter notices. "When you graduate from the Master Branch." The intake recruiter gives her a quick smile. "You will be one of the highest ranking recruits in the Defenders and that would be a major accomplishment." Heather nods and shakes the intake recruiters hand before departing with the Branch list in her grasp.