Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 5 - Mr. Luscious

          There were two Infantry training facilities for new recruits named the Fighting Infantry Strike Team (FIST) and Marauding Infantry Strike Team (MIST). The FIST facility was located in the Frontier UCCS which was heavily wooded and had a hilly terrain. The MIST facility was located in the Open Plains UCCS where the terrain was flat and the weather varied from cold to freezing your ass off conditions. The twins lived in the same town that the FIST facility was located. Other than having the ability to go home when the facility Commander allowed they might as well have been in another UCCS.

          The facility was lead by Commander Luscious and he was not keen on being addressed as Commander Luscious or Commander. He preferred to be called Mr. Luscious as he was an old school wrestling fan. The rumor amongst the recruits was that he pictured himself ascending the steps into the ring with his cape flapping behind him. If this was true or not the recruits enjoyed the visual of their Commander leading the charge with his cape flapping in the wind. However this lighter side of the Commander only extended so far as he expected nothing but the highest standards of his recruits. His high standards were not lost on any aspect of the facility. The book buildings is where the classes met to review tactics or conduct intelligence reviews were spotless. There would be no cursing in the buildings and if a recruit or instructor was caught they were severely punished. It would normally only take one incident for the recruits and instructors to adhere.

          The training facility on the grounds was meticulously setup and maintained for authenticity to real life scenario's. Mr Luscious believed this to be one of the primary keys in preparing Infantry for what they would encounter. So when he designed the FIST training grounds he partitioned the areas so the recruits could practice over and over again perfecting their skills. He didn't stop there and when the training grounds opened he had many abnormalities brought in. The abnormalities were the name given to any crossbred human with animal. The mindset at the time by the UCCS Command structure was that no abnormality had rights and were captured and used by the Infantry.

          The abnormalities that Mr. Luscious brought in started with crossbred humans with varying degrees of gene manipulation. They were humans that looked like a neighbor except for the fox ears or hawk beaks in place of noses. However over time these human crossbreeds rose up and gained basic rights making it illegal to use them for training and hunting exercises. This led Mr. Luscious to change his approach and began bringing in Pure's. The Pure's were crossbred creatures like a turtle and an armadillo. The result of this crossbreeding varied but most of the time the results were an armored rabbit with phenomenal speed. This made them a coveted Pure that could be used for a multitude of training and hunting exercises. Mr. Luscious had successfully navigated the political changes. He added a variety of Pure's to his outdoor training facility and named it Torment. Mr. Luscious would tell his recruits it was as close to purgatory they would get short of dying.