Unknown Sci-Fi -- A Web Novel

Chapter 6 - Frontier UCCS

          The fresh light of the sun peaked into the classroom illuminating Eric as he was perched over the same pointed chair. He was intently watching as Miss Proose wrote on the chalk board. She was preparing for that day's assignment which focused on the Frontier UCCS. Eric had gotten into the class room early as one of his favorite subjects was learning about the UCCS's. This lesson would be especially fun as they lived in the Frontier UCCS and he hoped to learn something new he could tell his family about. A bit of drool slipped from his mouth as Miss Proose finished her writing and attached a map of the Frontier UCCS. Eric gazed in awe as he took in the map for all it's glory.

          Miss Proose stood in front of the chalkboard and cleared her throat. Eric, George and Seth perked up, zipped their mouths and intently peered at their teacher. "As you can see from the chalkboard we will be discussing Geography this week and we will start with the Frontier." She pauses looking at the boys and is slightly confused by something. "Has anyone seen Gene this morning?" The boys hadn't seen him since the day before. "Well, we cannot wait all morning for him so we will move forward. Seth, you can get Gene up to speed when he gets in." Seth shrugs a bit as he knows that Gene isn't concerned about Geography. He was 16 and ready to join the Defenders later in the year. He had been working hard to build his muscles and increase his running endurance. He wasn't shy about telling everyone he was ready to join the Infantry.

          "Can anyone tell me something about the Frontier UCCS?" The kids looked at each other excited by the question. Eric blurted a response. "We have lots of trees, Abnormalities and Pure's." "Very good Eric. Anyone else have something?" George spoke up. "There are talking rabbits who live in the Frontier." A voice appeared at the front door cutting Eric off. "We have the best Infantry training facility!" Miss Proose smiled. "Good morning Gene. So glad you could join us." She looked at Seth. "The terror attacks on the Originals happened in the Frontier." Miss Proose shook her head in agreement. "Thank you Seth. Let's talk about the Originals and the attacks." She turned to the chalkboard and began writing.